Golf Shoe Fitting Guide

Golf Shoe Fitting GuideGolf shoes are a very important tool for a golfer when he is on the golf course. It might even be fair to say that ladies golf shoes can make or break the golfer’s game. They provide the golfer with a firm hold on the ground while they make the golf swing along with providing the necessary comfort, breathability and flexibility. Good quality golf shoes are waterproof as well to keep the feet from getting wet in moist conditions. Selecting the right pair of golf shoes for women is very important for any golfer who is serious towards the game and striving to enhance his performance.

In addition to several other factors which you need to consider while buying golf shoes, shoe fitting is very important out of them. Rightly fitted shoe will help the golfer perform well on the course while a shoe that is not the right size will only hold him back. Thus it is crucial that the golfer chooses the right size. Too tight a shoe will hurt the feet making the golfer lose all focus on the game while too loose a shoe will not provide the much needed balance required by the golfer to make the swing. Golf shoes are specially designed to firmly hold the midfoot in place, providing no room for its movement. This allows the golfer to stand completely still and maintain proper balance while making the golf swing. The shoe is wider around the toes to allow some room to wiggle your toes.

Here are some tips for you to follow to select the right size of golf shoes for women. For more  in detailed guide on ladies golf shoes check the link out here.

1.     Use a Brannock Device:

At the golf shoe store, ask for a Brannock Device to measure your feet. All good stores will have one. This device accurately measures the different types of length related to your foot for example the heel to toe length and the arc length.

2.     Measure while sitting:

You should be sitting while taking the measurements of your feet. If taken while standing, you will get a measurement slightly larger than normal and will buy a shoe too loose on your feet.

3.     Measure both feet:

It is important that you measure both your feet separately. The reason is that, many people have slight differences in their right and left foot measurements. Once you have measured both feet, choose the larger size so that it fits both your feet comfortably.

4.     Wear socks:

When going to the store to select ladies golf shoes, remember to wear socks that you are going to wear to the golf course to give a correct idea of the size that will fit you with the socks on.